Community Guidelines
Effective day: July 27, 2020

Community Guidelines

The main goal of Cinnamon is to create a platform where Content Creators thrive, so the community can enjoy what they produce. We believe that by introducing a new way of rewarding creators, we will allow them to spend more time doing what they love: producing great and diverse content. Everyone is welcome to join Cinnamon, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the benefits we give to our content creators and viewers alike, in a friendly, safe and supportive atmosphere. Our community is important to us, therefore we seek to protect its members. In order to maintain our community as harmoniously as possible, there are certain guidelines we advise everyone, creators and viewers alike, to follow.

The big no-nos

There are several things you should avoid when creating your channel, uploading your content, or leaving comments. At the heart of Cinnamon lies our community which we want to keep secure, inclusive and open to everyone. We could not do what we do without the people that contribute to our platform, and as a thank you, we want to keep the environment they engage in as pleasant as possible. To achieve this goal we will now list specific content and behavior, which is deemed unsuitable for our platform.

Nudity and pornography 

Content which can be described as pornography or sexually explicit will be removed immediately.

Harassment and bullying

Disliking and disagreeing with others is part of community interactions. A good argument, critique or feedback in most cases leads to improvements. We respect everyone's right to free speech, and would never seek to forbid people from expressing unpopular opinions. We do not, however, tolerate individuals going out of their way to harass, threaten, or bully others. Be thoughtful when you interact with others and try to foster a community for everyone. Recognize that there is a major difference between expressing disagreement and taking out frustration on someone else.

Identity theft & infringement of intellectual property

Accounts created on Cinnamon belong to real people and some of them might have a great deal of brand recognition behind them. Therefore any attempts to impersonate someone by stealing their identity in order to benefit from their brand will be thoroughly investigated. This does not include scenarios such as parody, where it is obvious accounts are not meant to be confused with real individuals. It is also prohibited to contact subscribers and creators pretending to be an official Cinnamon representative. Monetized content uploaded to Cinnamon must be your own creation, or that you own the copyright to.

Cover songs and music

Cinnamon currently doesn’t have contracts and agreements with any major record labels or companies. As song producers still have legal rights over songs artists cover, we ask that all cover songs (existing or to be uploaded) for the foreseeable future are set to a demonetized setting to avoid creating a legal dispute. This is a temporary solution and you will be updated once this period is over.

Depicting child, animal or other forms of abuse

Making a documentary about underprivileged children around the world living in harsh conditions exposing the abuse they have to put up with - fine. Deliberately showcasing harm done to a minor for the sake of luring viewers to your channel - no. This obviously applies to animals or adults alike. Cinnamon is a place for content that is meant to entertain, not disturb.

Inciting violence & self-harm

As mentioned earlier, critique is a natural and helpful extension of your right to free speech. Using this right to encourage behavior which might cause harm to others is not a practice we will allow on Cinnamon. Protecting the mental and physical well-being of others is a goal we take very seriously. Organizations or individuals that promote violence, human trafficking, organized crime, terrorism, or similar have no place on Cinnamon. Similarly, the glorification of self-harm or encouragement of such practices will be taken with equal gravity.


Spam or spamming will refer to individuals posting irrelevant messages which may contain but are not limited to, advertising, phishing, spreading malware, phrase repetition, or more. We build Cinnamon with the goal to avoid users being spammed with ads, so naturally, we ask you to refrain from such practices.

Race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation

Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race, color, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated on Cinnamon. Try to appreciate the things that make us unique.

Illegal activities

Any other forms of illegal activity which we failed to mention before, will also be examined upon the report.


If you think that a video, comment, or channel could be in direct violation of our community guidelines, you will have the option to report them. Please do keep in mind our reporting system is in place to prevent behavior and content deemed unlawful or dangerous to others. Abusing this system can result in the suspension of your account.


We do not wish to ban accounts for unintentionally violating our community guidelines; accidents happen and we understand that. You will receive a notification to inform you if your content, comments, or channel had to be removed for violating our guidelines. Within the notification you will also be informed as to what was removed and why we chose to remove it.

Continuing to violate our community guidelines

We will use common sense when dealing with repeated violations, but we do reserve the right to ban anyone who breaks our community rules on a regular basis. The guidelines are in place to create an inclusive community where everyone can feel welcome. When the behavior of a user is found to be repeatedly dangerous or inappropriate, Cinnamon can issue bans for any time period ranging from 24 hours to a lifetime. Suspension of an account is considered a last resort only for the most uncollaborative individuals. We will issue different penalizations based on the severity of violations, the history of the account, or other circumstances surrounding the report.

Appealing your ban 

If you feel that the ban issued to your account is unfair, or you wish to appeal, you may do so after 1 week. Please state your case and email us at ban@cinnamon.video. We will aim to examine your appeal as soon as possible.

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